Lohmann / Hyline Hens

The Lohmann and Hyline layers are known for their excellent egg laying abilities.The Lohmann and Hyline hens are both from hybrid origin and were selectively bred from a variety of breeds.
They lay between the age of 20-24 weeks but can start from as early as 18 weeks, laying on average 1 egg per day and up to 320 brown eggs per year. Eggs are normally laid in the morning. They are also a very inquisitive breed and are great to have around children, quickly becoming tame and friendly.

We sell our hens at 6 weeks or 12 weeks old. This allows them to be young enough to become very tame around young children. Selling hens at this age also has the benefit of the hens being used to their environment before egg production starts. This normally helps the hens to lay at a slightly younger age.

With the current egg shortage resulting in high demand and steep egg prices, now is the ideal time to become your own boss and start your own egg production business and we have the perfect breeds to help you do this profitably.

With hybrid layers their feed consumption in lower compared to pure breed birds, therefore they are more profitable when it comes to egg production. On average only 100g-110g of feed is consumed per day per hen.

Let us help you start your egg production business with healthy, happy hens.





Day old chicks –(Lohmann layers)
  • 10-99 chicks @ R18-00 each
  • 100+ chicks @ R14-50 each
6 week old hens (Lohmann, Hyline and Hyline silver available)
  • 1-99 hens @ R65-00 each
  • 100+ hens @ R55-00 each
12 week old hens – only a few weeks away from Point Of Lay (Lohmann, Hyline and Hyline silver available)
  • 1-99 hens @ R95-00 each
  • 100+ hens @ R90-00 each